Conference Room Knowledge Base

Building 17!

Here's what we think we know about the Building 17 conference room.
HDMI just works. HDMI 2 sporadically cuts out.
HDMI 1 doesn't seem to cut out, or at least it didn't in September 2013 when we hooked up a PS2 through a component-to-HDMI converter. (On the same day, HDMI 2 did cut out when attached to John's MacBook.) In December 2013 we confirmed that HDMI 1 works well, both on John's MacBook and on Tim's HDMI converter.

Component A/V works if you put the game console on a chair and run cables directly to the projector.

Try to make your PC games output at full resolution (with software or DirectX pixel scaling if need be).
If you run e.g. Dosbox in 320x200 native video or even ZSNES in 640x480, the stupid projector will display it tiny instead of scaled.

Building 18!

To get the lights the way we like them:
  1. Press OFF. All lights should go dark.
  3. Press Lights. The LED next to the Lights button should illuminate.
  4. Press the right-hand edge (wtf?!?!) of the second button from the left and hold it until you like the lighting level. Roughly half-way seems good.


Use MSFTOPEN and click through the interstitial page from your browser. You can get a console onto the network if you run it through a wifi double NAT (like with an AirPort Express). The upstream end of the adapter should be on MSFTOPEN. Then you can join both a console and a laptop to the downstream end of the NAT, and click through the interstitial on the laptop. The console should then be able to get online.

(Probably the upstream can be a wired connection to the conference table's network tap, but we haven't tested this recently.)


John always carries:
  • HDMI, miniHDMI-to-HDMI, and DVI-to-HDMI
  • mini and micro USB
  • Mac DisplayPort to HDMI (including audio)
  • that stupid PC DVI-to-VGA adapter that we used to keep forgetting
  • Red/White audio to 3.5" mini audio
Tim always carries:
  • Composite-to-HDMI, Component-to-HDMI, and VGA-to-HDMI
John will bring if you ask nicely:
  • USB keyboard
  • USB mouse
  • power cable suitable for PSX/PS2/PS3
Things you'll want to bring yourself:
  • Power cables for non-Sony systems
  • Controllers