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It Ruined My Memories

The Rules:

1) You may put any game you want on the list.  The goal here is to list bad games, not games that are merely controversial.  You may not place Zelda 2 on this list.  If you think it's a bad game, you're wrong.  
2) Every game needs at least one opponent.  If you agree the game sucks, add your name to the Nemesis column.
3) If you enjoyed the game, or remember playing a ton of it add your name to the "I Have Fond Memories" column.
4) If you have a game and there is currently no one listed in the Provider column, please add your name there.
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GameSystemProviderNemesisI Have Fond Memories
GameSystemProviderNemesisI Have Fond Memories
Base Wars NES Mike Boilen   
Battletoads NES  Mike Boilen Mike Boilen 
Blades of Steel NES Mike Boilen   
Blaster Master NES Mike Boilen  John [emulator only], Tim 
Castlevania 3 NES Mike Boilen  John 
Chip n' Dales Rescue Rangers NES Mike Boilen  Dennis, Tim 
Commander Keen (any) PC  Mike Boilen Andy Yeckel 
Double Dragon 2 NES Mike Boilen  Tim 
Duck Tales NES Mike Boilen  Dennis 
E.T. Atari 2600   Mike Boilen 
Final Fantasy 7     
Gain Ground Genesis Mike Boilen (Steam) Mike Boilen Mike Boilen 
Hudsonsoft Adventure Island NES Mike Boilen   
Ikari Warriors NES   Tim 
Karate Kid NES Mike Boilen   
Kung Fu NES Mike Boilen   
Mercenaries 2     
Milon's Secret Castle NES Mike Boilen  Mike Boilen 
Pitfall: The Mayan Adventure SNES Mike Boilen   
Red Steel     
Shinobi Arcade Mike Boilen Mike, John Mike, John 
Silver Surfer NES Mike Boilen  Mike Boilen 
Simon's Quest NES Mike Boilen  Tim 
Skate or Die NES Mike Boilen  Mike Boilen 
Super Spike Volleyball NES Mike Boilen  Tim 
T&C Surf Design NES Mike Boilen  Mike Boilen 
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles NES Mike Boilen Tim Mike Boilen 
Thexder PC (1985 version) Mike Boilen John Mike Boilen 
Toe Jam and Earl Genesis Mike Boilen   
Top Gun NES Mike Boilen   
Wayne's World NES Mike Boilen   
Wizards and Warriors NES Mike Boilen  Tim 
Showing 33 items